21.4.2019 Beast In Black @ Tavastia


Beast in Black @ Tavastia

21 April 2019

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Even though BEAST IN BLACK recently had a sold-out show at The Circus, the five-piece wasn't ready to let Helsinki completely go. As the end of their European tour was approaching, they made a stop at Tavastia on 21 April 2019, and we had to be there. 



BEAST IN BLACK has been on a roll lately, a successful tour with NIGHTWISH, a hit-album that reached the charts in many countries, and sold-out shows across Europe. It was thus no surprise that the show at Tavastia also was sold out. The crew climbed on the stage, setting up the illuminated skulls on the pillars of the gates of hell. The microphone stands were draped with chains and decorated with skulls too.  When all the skulls were lit up, an intro track started playing and the guys ascended the stage to "Cry Out For A Hero".



What's great about catching two dates on a tour, one at the beginning, one at the end, is that you can witness how the band has developed playing the new songs live. The setlist perhaps hasn't changed all too much, only "Zodd The Immortal" was cut, but the guys sure played an energetic set from start to finish. The result? A dynamic evening with a great atmosphere in the audience. Wether the crowd was on the balcony, or somewhere on the floor, everywhere was a great mood to party. 



The setlist, balanced out between songs from "Berserker" and "From Hell with Love", was obviously still a success. Old or new, the audience clearly knew all the songs and sang loudly with the band. The overall great atmosphere abruptly ended when one of the fellow BEAST IN BLACK fans  in front fainted, and vocalist YANNIS PAPADOPOULOS inquired if everything was alright there in front. It took a while for security to be present at the spot, which in my opinion was totally weird? Shouldn't there security in the photo pit be a standard thing? One guy on the left, one guy on the right? Where were they? Luckily with much respect for one another, the fan was helped and the show continued for the encore, and just like that with "Blindn and Frozen" and "End of the World", the show was over. 




  1. Cry out for a Hero
  2. Unlimited Sin
  3. Beast in Black
  4. Eternal Fire
  5. This Is War
  6. The Fifth Angel
  7. True Believer
  8. Heart of Steel
  9. Born Again
  10. Repentless
  11. Ghost in the Rain
  12. Die by the Blade
  13. Crazy, Mad, Insane
  14. Sweet True Lies
  15. From Hell with Love


  16. No Surrender
  17. Blind and Frozen
  18. End of the World