2022 IN MUSIC: World Without


Now that 2022 is coming to a close, it’s good to look back at what this year has looked like. We invited a few artists to talk about how 2022 has been for them and what the future holds. One of the names that surprised us a lot this year with a couple of EPs on their name was WORLD WITHOUT, who play a killer combination of modern metal, thrashy pop, and hardcore vocals. We talked with vocalist Ville Suorsa about what 2022 looked like for the band.

What musical goals did you set for 2022? Did you achieve them?

As much as I’d like WORLD WITHOUT to take the world by storm, the main point in making music is that I absolutely have to keep doing it and subsequently releasing it. So the goal was to release good music, which we did. We also received some very personal and meaningful feedback regarding our music and that always feels super nice. Plus we played our first live shows, which were so much fun.

Were you able to dedicate as much of 2022 to your project/band as you had hoped?

I’m sure we would all love to do more, but I think we got a good amount of stuff done. The reality is, everybody has to come up with the money to keep the electricity running. We’re all fortunate enough to make a living in the music business, but of course, it’s always time away from this band. All-in-all, I’m happy with our 2022.

What were some of the highlights you realized in 2022?

For me, it was the live shows opening for SIBIIR. It was so much fun and I haven’t been that nervous about anything in a long time.

Is there anything you learned during 2022?

The world’s a big, fat mess. Use your precious time doing what you enjoy and don’t stress too much about the future or things you have absolutely no control over.

Have you (re-)discovered any new music during 2022?

I’ve been lately listening to SPITE’s latest record ”Dedication to Flesh” a lot. I think it’s a monumental piece of metal music. There’s also this amazing Finnish pop artist ILON whose music I’ve really been into. Listen to her song ”Voice Memo.” If that ain’t some great songwriting I don’t know what is.

What can we expect from you in 2023?

New music, a sharpened vision of what this band is all about, and hopefully more live shows.