2022 IN MUSIC: Shereign


2023 already sounds like a promising year with a lot of highly-anticipated releases coming your way! One of the up-and-coming bands releasing their debut album in early 2022 is the Finnish alternative metal act SHEREIGN. We chatted with singer Sara Vanhamäki and guitarist Joonas Pulkkinen about what 2022 looked like for the band. Read the complete interview here…

What musical goals did you set for 2022? Did you achieve them?

Sara: The musical goals for SHEREIGN in 2022 were to release music and start moving towards our debut album release. We had some great gigs at Tuska Festival and as a warm-up act for INFECTED RAIN and STAM1NA. Also, we had a couple of our own more intimate shows at Ottopoika and Hönö. So in that sense, we did achieve our goals in promotion and staying active while I was on maternity leave.

Were you able to dedicate as much of 2022 to your project/band as you had hoped?

Joonas: During Sara’s maternity leave, we had more time to plan our future with the band. SHEREIGN is in our hearts and we have built this for so many years. Considering that if we are talking about dedication, one year can’t sum up the amount of it.

What were some of the highlights you realized in 2022?

Sara: For me, I can’t be more grateful for my awesome bandmates. I’ve had some ups and downs during this year because of lack of sleep, hormones, and getting used to our new family member. The guys have been so patient and supportive that it makes me cry.

Joonas: We played more gigs with SHEREIGN than we had planned and it has been so great to see how well everything works. We’re having fun with the band and fans! And of course, we finished our debut album, “Ghost Diaries,” and it turned out just the way we wanted!

 Is there anything you learned during 2022?

Sara: That you can do a gig despite having serious sleep deprivation and when you don’t remember anything about anything…. I seriously had to use some crib sheet on the stage to remember the lyrics. But at the same time, I learned how the human body and mind are truly amazing. They can go through some serious shit and still thrive.

Joonas: The craziness of the world during 2022 has led me to appreciate every moment. You never know what tomorrow brings.

Have you (re-)discovered any new music during 2022?

Sara: I’ve sailed somewhere between Ed Sheeran and Devin Townsend. I’ve just tried to re-discover music in general after the baby madness. I’m looking forward to next year having more time for music!

Joonas: LOST SOCIETY released an absolutely fantastic album, If The Sky Came Down,” but the most surprising new discovery was ELECTRIC CALLBOY. I saw the “We Got the Moves” music video and I was hooked. Their album “Tekkno” is very good!

What can we expect from you in 2023?

Sara: We are finally releasing our debut album “Ghost Diaries”! And shit loads of gigs of course compared to the previous years at least… [laughs]

Joonas: These are things we have been waiting for! Can’t wait for you guys to hear the album! See you at the album release parties with DARK SARAH

Article by Laureline Tilkin