2022 IN MUSIC: Rage Behind


Aggressive metal band RAGE BEHIND is one of the bands that were recently added to Atomic Fire Record‘s promising roster. The band combines the precision of SLAYER with the groove of LAMB OF GOD, but more than anything, have proven to be a name to look out for in 2023. We decided to look back to 2022 with the band. Read the complete interview here…

In 2022 it was announced that you had a recording contract with Atomic Fire Records and you also released your first single, “Eminence or Disgrace.” Do you feel like you’ve achieved all the goals you set for 2022?

This year has been very good and interesting. Beyond the recording contract with Atomic Fire Records, we have released five songs and three videos, which were welcomed by the public giving us good feedback. The only downside is that in the current situation, going to play shows is still complicated.

Since you are still a relatively new band, how do you think your band has grown over the past year? Was that also clear in your Spotify Wrapped results?

We grew up step-by-step thanks to social media and we worked hard for it, trying to make good content, etc. Currently we have nice results on Spotify and other streaming platforms thanks to our fifth song. People begin to follow the project more deeply as they see it’s something serious. 

What was the biggest lesson you learned as a band in 2022?

We’ve learned that patience is the key and that we’re nothing without the fans. For those who followed us since the beginning, thank you all for giving us the strength to carry on.

Have you personally (re-)discovered (new) music in 2022?

Signing with Atomic Fire Records made us take a listen to all the bands within the label and obviously there were some nice surprises. Otherwise we enjoyed the new LAMB OF GOD, MACHINE HEAD, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, LOST SOCIETY, and BLEED FROM WITHIN.

What can we expect from RAGE BEHIND in 2023?

There is an album to be released and what we are even more excited about is to play the shows we’re working on, so be ready! Follow the band’s path on their socials – Facebook and Instagram. Listen on Spotify.

Article by Laureline Tilkin