2022 IN MUSIC: Induction


One final time, we’re looking back to 2022, this time with power metal act INDUCTION. We chatted with guitarist Tim Kanoa Hanson and bass player Dominik Gusch about how they thought the past year flew by. Check out their responses below…

2022 started out pretty good for INDUCTION, as you got signed to Atomic Fire Records. Other than the record deal and the new album, what were your highlights of 2022?

Tim: Yes, you’re right. Obviously, the record deal was huge for us, I believe that we have the perfect team behind us now to get our music to the people. It’s like a little family. Personally, my highlight was getting this new album released and getting feedback from the fans, which has been overwhelmingly positive and exciting! This is what we’ve been working towards for a long time. 

Dom: The way our audience and fans enjoyed the new INDUCTION and all the love they showed to us and our music has been amazing. That really filled our hearts with happiness and that all the work we’ve put in was totally worth it. The other highlight was definitely the tour for us! To see how great the audience resonated with our new material and performing the songs live for the first time in this new lineup.

You also announced a new lineup, which you were able to show to your fans during your tour. How have the dynamics changed between band members in INDUCTION in 2022?

Tim: I’m super happy with the new line-up and where we’re at right now. I think it’s always a challenge to find the right people with the right vision. And then even harder, maintaining that vision and a good way of working together. Touring is kind of like a trial by fire since you are on top of each other with minimal personal space for an extended amount of time. This is where many can fail, I believe. But in our case, it was super comfortable and nice. We had a ton of fun and really enjoyed the company and the whole process. And even if some difficult situations come up, we are always able to talk about them with ease. I think during 2022 we really grew together, and we will keep doing so. 

Recently, Spotify Wrapped showed bands results from the year 2022. Do you feel like INDUCTION has grown a lot in 2022 based on those results?

Dom: Yeah, totally! We’ve gained around 15,000 monthly listeners more on Spotify so 689% in comparison to last year and before the lineup change, and our music was shared so many times by the audience. Also, we’ve been selected for the “Rising Star of the Year” by Metalhammer magazine and our album charted #2 on the Japanese Amazon Music charts!

What was the biggest lesson you learned as a band in 2022?

Tim: It’s hard for me to talk for the entire band, but I believe we have all learned again what it means to build something. That it’s really hard work and that we really need to be able to rely on each other. It’s always an ongoing process and I believe that even if you think you know everything, the next surprise is always right around the corner! Staying flexible and being a good problem solver is key! 

Have you personally (re-)discovered any (new) music during 2022?

Dom: Regarding the metal genre, I discovered NIGHTWISH and TESTAMENT this year. NIGHTWISH for their awesome orchestrations and Floor’s unbelievably amazing voice and TESTAMENT I actually discovered through a playthrough of their bassist, Steve Di Giorgio. His bass lines and techniques are just on point. So much fun to watch and listen to! Besides metal bands, I found love for some German Indie/ Funk bands like JEREMIAS for example. So killer!

Tim: Well, as usual, I’m listening to a lot of Finnish metal. CHILDREN OF BODOM are very far at the top. But also the new album from BATTLE BEAST this year has been on heavy rotation for me. There have just been so many great releases. One thing that I discovered this year for me, albeit very very late, was SABATON. I started really enjoying their songs!

What can we expect from INDUCTION in 2023? 

Tim: For 2023 we have a few things in store. We want to make sure that we don’t slow down and keep a steady release cycle! That means, we’ll definitely treat you to some new songs in 2023 already. Beyond that, we are aiming to do at least one bigger tour as well as festivals and shows. 

Interview by Laureline Tilkin