2022 IN MUSIC: From Grotto


Now that 2022 is coming to a close, it’s good to look back at what this year has looked like. We invited a few artists to talk about how 2022 has been for them and what the future holds. We’ve been paying attention to local psych artists FROM GROTTO since they started releasing the soundtracks to the Noita video game. This year, the band released Noita (Official Soundtrack pt. 3)” in March. We talked with the band about how 2022 has been for them, so read the interview here…

What musical goals did you set for 2022? Did you achieve them?

Antti: Our main goal this year was to get the new album finished and we managed to do that. Would have been nice to get it released too but it is allways a long process. So kind of 1/2 achievements unlocked.

Pekka: We got back to making album music after the long project making the Noita soundtrack and got the new album done!

Riku: Recording the new album and getting the old stuff out of the system. Some of the songs have been out there for long, so it was nice to get them properly done.

Were you able to dedicate as much of 2022 to your project/band as you had hoped?

Antti: Not really, to be honest. To me, personally, this was a really busy year in many ways.

Pekka: Maybe not so much, because working with the Noita soundtrack was [such an] intense project. That didn’t come as a surprise though.

Riku: No. Unfortunately there’s too much nonsense in the world and sometimes you just have to concentrate on the boring stuff too. It’s not rock ‘n’ roll 24/7 and there has to be a balance. Sometimes you have more on the plate that you could chew. All will happen when the time is right.

What were some of the highlights you realized in 2022?

Antti: The album recording sessions were a culmination of a long process and I enjoyed working in the studio a lot. Also the few gigs we had were nice. Live music is the best thing, after all!

Pekka: Release of the third and final volume of the Noita soundtrack. Playing at Alppistock Open Air Festival last summer was great! We were also partly arranging the event.

Riku: Working in the studio as a group of individuals who have the same goal and a vision.
Also few live gigs showed us that we’re not forgotten.

Is there anything you learned during 2022?

Antti: We learned that we are able to make our music work as a trio too, now that Joonas [lead vocals and synthesizers] is no longer a regular member of the band.

Pekka: After a small break of playing the drums, preparing for live gigs takes a bit more time, so will have to take it easy and not push it too hard. Giving time for practicing and playing as a band the same (and even better) flow comes back to playing.

Riku: The fact that we can do this thing as a trio and it works. Both live and in the studio. Strengthening the feeling that we’re more than a band.

Have you (re-)discovered any (new) music during 2022?

Antti: My favorite new albums were probably KOKOROKO‘s “Could We Be More” and DIRT‘s Deadbeat.” THIN LIZZY‘s “Bad Reputation” was a re-discovery. It has many really good songs on it!

Pekka: I have been lately listening to some good old Bob Marley as a re-discovery. Also some more calm psybient / psychill music.

Riku: Same old prog classics (ELP, YES, TASAVALLAN PRESIDENTTI, CAMEL, etc.).
Baris Manco

What can we expect from you in 2023?

Release of the new album and a small tour to perform it live. Hopefully some gigs abroad too!
A more evolved FROM GROTTO. New stuff and something you haven’t heard before…