2019 Staff Picks Playlist (Musicalypse Archive)


We would be remiss if we didn’t confess that 2019 was a pretty great year music-wise. We had some fantastic debuts, some excellent follow-ups, and some new classics from old bands. If you’d like to hear some of our staff favorites of the newly released material from 2019, you can check it out on Spotify as a playlist:


Playlist rules: each staff member may pick one song released in 2019 by each band. If a song has already been chosen, the staff member has an option to choose another song by the same band. One song cannot be in the playlist twice. Genre is limited to metal/rock.

Whatever, wherever, and whenever you’re celebrating this year, we hope that 2019 treated you well, and stay tuned, we’re not quite done yet for 2019!

Happy holidays,

– Musicalypse HQ

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