2.9.2023 October Tide & Thulcandra @ Ghosts of Dinmin, Demmin


In the depths of former Eastern Germany lies a place called Demmin. While a cursory internet search might paint it as just another small German town, it possesses unique features beyond its geography, being surrounded by rivers and located in one of the country’s most tourist-friendly states. Since 2022, Demmin has become home to a small festival named Ghosts of Dinmin, which prioritizes death and black metal. While this genre choice isn’t uncommon in Germany, the festival’s surroundings certainly are. Nestled in the heart of a natural reserve, the Voelschow Berg venue emerges after a few hundred meters of walking through the woods. This picturesque setting adds a distinctive atmosphere to the entire festival experience. As the sun began to set, the crew lit a campfire, enhancing the landscape’s aesthetics. This year’s Ghosts of Dinmin took place on September 1st and 2nd, 2023.

This year’s lineup was headlined by the melodic doom/death ensemble OCTOBER TIDE from Sweden, followed by the melodic black/death metal band THULCANDRA from Germany, which is the reason for attending the festival’s final day on September 2nd.

OCTOBER TIDE is renowned for their distinctive, often heart-wrenching, melancholic sound. While this signature style has evolved over their last few releases, their new material harks back to their traditional hallmark. It’s characterized by a melancholy that rarely turns uplifting, yet remains emotionally and mentally stimulating, leaving you yearning for more, all at a faster pace than usual. The band took the opportunity to debut a song from their upcoming album, “The Cancer Pledge,” set to be released on October 6th via Agonia Records, right there in Demmin. Unfortunately, at this point, the schedule had fallen behind by a full hour, leading to a smaller crowd later in the evening.

However, THULCANDRA took the stage to close the festival with a still-packed venue. The crowd’s enthusiasm for this band was palpable, especially during “Funeral Pyre,” one of their most beloved hits over the years. The band reciprocated the crowd’s anticipation with a captivating setlist that included songs from all five studio albums, a first-time occurrence as vocalist and guitarist Steffen Kummerer noted.

THULCANDRA had previously toured the U.S. earlier in the year to promote their latest release, “Hail The Abyss,” and made several festival appearances throughout Germany. While there are no confirmed concerts for the rest of the year, it’s advisable to keep an eye on their schedule and not miss the chance to see them live.

Photos and text by Michelle Rosales


  1. Deliverance In Sin And Death
  2. Funeral Pyre
  3. As I Walk Through The Gateway
  4. Frozen Kingdom
  5. On The Wing Of Cosmic Fire
  6. Aeon of Darkness
  7. Hail The Abyss
  8. Spirit Of The Night
  9. Night’s Blood