16.8.2019 Lapsuus & Huora @Tavastia, Helsinki


The metal and punk combo HUORA has been very busy doing gigs this summer, and we at Tuonela Magazine already witnessed their warm-up performance before THE OFFSPRING. However, a tight live band like HUORA deserves a closer look at a club venue. So, the chance to see them at Tavastia came right on time. With LAPSUUS as a possibility to discover a new local band, it was a done deal.

LAPSUUS is a rising band on the Finnish punk-scene, and it wasn’t hard to see why. Kamila’s powerful singing sounded angry, but at the same time, she seemed to be so happy to be on stage. Adding to the rhythm sections with a tambourine added some extra spice to her energetic performance. Guitar solos from Esko suited the band’s music really well, and the chemistry between him and Kamila was excellent to witness on stage.

A nice little surprise was when HUORA’s lead singer Anna Lötjönen joined the stage for one song. Boths singers fitted really well together. If you didn’t know who she was, you could’ve believed mistakenly that Anna was actually a regular member of the band. It always warming to see bigger bands give such support for the rising stars. The gig at Tavastia was the last one for LAPSUUS, before diving back to the studio to record new material. If you like punk music it’s definitely worth checking the band out later, I bet they’re on their way to have headliner shows really soon!

When HUORA entered the stage for a fully packed venue, I knew this gig would be a treat. And indeed it was. The band had intense energy in their performance and the heavy riffs just work very well with the punk attitude. With their catchy choruses to sing along, an entertaining evening was guaranteed. The audience was with them right from the first song “Maailmanloppu”.

If it wasn’t already crazy enough, Anna told us that just this morning she was basically lying in bed with a fever. But what does a proper musician do: takes some painkillers and sweats the hell out on stage later that day. I can just be amazed and pay respect.

Anna sang one song with LAPSUUS, so HUORA invited Kamila to perform “Sori siitä” with them. Apparently, the two singers knew each other from before, as Anna told that they’re usually singing karaoke together. This time it wasn’t just a karaoke bar, but a full Tavastia. Small things like this make gigs memorizable and unique.

HUORA only has a few club gigs left for this year, so if you wish to enjoy their great live performance anytime soon, go and act fast. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. Maailmanloppu
  2. Oispa kaljaa
  3. Normaali?
  4. Maija-Liisa
  5. Koditon
  6. Kaikki uuniin
  7. Hautajaiset
  8. Sori siitä
  9. Huhtasaareen
  10. Kuilu
  11. Darra
  12. Kaikki kaatuu
  13. Puukottaja
  14. Kovia ja kiljuaEncore
  15. Ämmät hei!
  16. Kotibileet

Article and photos by Lassi Saarinen