16.5.2020 Majestica @ Unknown Venue, Munkfors, Sweden


Swedish symphonic power metal act MAJESTICA (previously known as REINXEED) surprised us with the release of their 2019 album “Above the Sky.” We never had the opportunity to watch the band perform their fun power metal tracks, but luckily for us, the band had announced a streaming concert on 16 May 2020.

Opening with the title track “Above the Sky,” the band managed to warm up audiences all around the globe. With an energetic start like that, the promise of an exciting evening in front of a screen was kept and soon the band dove into the next track, “Rising Tide,” showing off some guitar mastery, giving the event a dynamic start. Frontman Tommy Johansson greeted and thanked the audience before continuing with a REINXEED classic, “No Fate,” a slower-paced but somewhat heavier power metal track, which was surely a nice surprise and addition to the setlist. The band continued with the well-constructed “The Rat Pack.” With an imaginary keyboard intro, the band launched themselves into more guitar wizardry and incredibly fast riffs. Surely, this was one of the most entertaining tracks to watch. Next, the band plunged into an incredible eighties anthem, “Night Call Girl,” which happens to be one of my favorite tracks on their latest album, “Above the Sky.;” it’s definitely a song that makes you want to get to your feet and dance around the living room during a pandemic. After the somewhat lighter track, it was time again for the band to engage in a faster track, “The Way to Redemption,” another vile power metal assault with blast beats, incredible riffs, and solos. They played another REINXEED track following this, “We Must Go Faster,” before they concluded their show with the last song of the evening, “Alliance Forever,” that brought the streaming concert to a truly majestic, powerful conclusion.

MAJESTICA took a short break after an intense epic power metal est and then hosted a Q&A session with questions taken from the chat, while at the same time signing some of their albums. While vigorously answering questions, the Q&A session displayed merchandising available for sale to fans once in a while, a good reminder to also buy something to support the band.

All-in-all the event was yet another successful chapter in the story of many streaming concerts, with a great setlist of epic songs, combined with a fun way of entertaining their fans.


  1. Above the Sky
  2. Rising Tide
  3. No Fate
  4. The Rat Pack
  5. Night Call Girl
  6. The Way to Redemption
  7. We Must Go Faster
  8. Alliance Forever