16.3.2019 I Revolt, Oceanhoarse & Brymir @ On The Rocks, Helsinki


16 March 2019 - On The Rocks, Helsinki

Brymir w/ I Revolt & Oceanhoarse

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BRYMIR recently released their highly anticipated "Wings Of Fire". An album that since its release, has been playing a lot in my home. Being utterly amazed by "Wings Of Fire", it was no wonder that I was really curious to see the songs in a live setting. When their album release show was announced, with support acts I REVOLT, and OCEANHOARSE, I almost felt as if it was a necessity for me to be there! 



I got to know I REVOLT's music when they approached me to write a review for their album. I'm not that much of a fan of the genre they're playing, but when I notice talent I can definitely admit to it. It was nice to finally be able to see these guys play live their songs, as I hadn't had the chance to catch one of their shows before. Even though the sound at times was a bit questionable, the band delivered a solid set with a lot of energy. They managed to bring a lot of enthusiastic fans who started a lot of mosh pits and energetically danced, banged their heads and bounced to the songs of the band.



I would have expected the audience from I REVOLT to also start insane mosh pits during OCEANHOARSE, but the audience for OCEANHOARSE was a bit more tame. A shame, because the guys delivered a spot-on set. The more I see the new singer Joonas Kosonen performing with them , the more I think that he is the perfect fit for the band. He's also growing more and more into the role of being the front man and definitely put on a great an energetic show. Getting to know the songs a little bit better throughout the times that I've seen the band play live. The mascot of the band is now upgraded to be part of the set and shredded a monstrous solo for us. All-in-all again a solid performance, but what else can you expect from OCEANHOARSE by now.  




On The Rocks filled up very neatly, all to see the guys from BRYMIR play their album live for the first time. Even though the band was a bit behind schedule, the intro from "Gloria In Regum" started playing and the show started off with a band. Somehow a table had emerged in the middle of the floor, and the crowd didn't shy away from it. "Wings Of Fire" thus was a combination of a tremendously good song, with cracking of glasses in millions of pieces and the forming of the moshpit. I do have to ask what the hell that table was doing there? It had been in front of the stage for the first two acts, and then instead of moving it away from the scene, it got pushed in the middle. Accidents luckily stayed out, but why not avoid them altogether? 




BRYMIR played through the whole album, and it made me rethink that what I wrote initially about how these songs would sound great live, was even sort of an understatement. Every minute of the show was a highlight, the audience already seemed to know a lot of the lyrics, seemed excited by all of the songs and every minute into the show they were more getting into it. "Chasing The Skyline" marked the end of the evening, as unfortunately without Noora Louhimo "Anew" gets degraded to be the outro track, but hey at least that's better than having Noora on a backing track. Obviously, the audience wanted more and the band was excited to give us two more tracks: "For Those Who Died", and "Ragnarok", and thus a very successful evening ended with two classics.