11.10.2019 Velcra @ Nosturi, Helsinki


Having moved to Helsinki only in 2014, I missed the buzz around the sensational industrial metal act VELCRA. It was to my surprise to see that a lot of people seemed to be excited about a concert announced at Nosturi on 11 October 2019 marking a one-off return of the band. Due to my own curiosity I investigated further what the deal was with this VELCRA, and thus discovered a bunch of energetic, great songs that I had never heard before. The decision was made, I had to be a part of this show that for many souls present most likely was a very nostalgic happening.

Due to a double booking I arrived towards the end of IIWANAJULMA‘s set. I could not see much of the stage, because Nosturi had filled up to its maximum capacity. The songs I heard, however, sounded like totally up my alley, and I hope to someday catch the band live. Right after, it was time for VELCRA, who entered the stage about 20 minutes later than scheduled. With what perhaps was the most beautiful and atmospheric lighting I have ever encountered, the band started with “The Bong Song”, a song where singer Jessi Frey from the first second already took a central spot and shined. The setlist continued with a couple more energetic songs, such as “War Is Peace”, “Water Is Getting High”, and one of my personal highlights “My Law”. Everywhere I looked there wasn’t a single person who was wasn’t moving to the catchy melody of this song.

The party continues with “Our Will Against Their Will”, “Big Brother”, “Tension”, and “Quick And Dirty”. “Can’t Stop Fighting” is probably my favorite track of the band, of the ones that I have discovered, and it was thus great to see it performed live. The band ended their carefully selected setlist with “Shine For Me”, and “Test Animals”. During my interview with singer Jessi Frey, she mentioned that rehearsing with the band is like riding a bike. It’s something that you never un-learn. This was also clear during their performance, to me it felt like VELCRA had just picked up where they had left off, and it didn’t seem like it at all that over ten years had passed since their last performance.

The fully packed venue was proof to me how loved this band really was, and they showed it by a terrific performance with a lot of classics the audience had been dying to hear for years. The audience probably was one of the most excited crowds that I have ever witnessed in Finland, people were screaming, dancing and couldn’t get enough of VELCRA. Hopefully, the band someday decides to do more of these shows, because it surely is something I want to be a part of again, and a lot more people seemed to agree!

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  1. The Bong Song
  2. War Is Peace
  3. Water Is Getting High
  4. My Law
  5. Our Will Against Their Will
  6. Big Brother
  7. Tension
  8. We Must Start Again
  9. Quick and Dirty
  10. Can’t Stop Fighting
  11. Shine for Me
  12. Test Animals