10.5.2019 Darkest Horizon, Wheel & Wintersun @ Nosturi, Helsinki


It has been 15 years since the legendary Finnish metal act WINTERSUN have released their self-titled debut title. A reason to celebrate, and therefore the band decided to organize some shows for the occasion. The first stop in Finland, of course, home base in Helsinki. The show was held in Nosturi, and a full-house celebrated the anniversary together with the band.



What is a party without some great support acts, the band who started the festivities of the evening was DARKEST HORIZON. The melodic death metal act from Germany was unfamiliar to me, but their music is in the same style of the headlining act WINTERSUN. The band delivered a passionate performance, that I quite enjoyed. It seemed like they didn’t forget to pack their excitement when they came to visit Finland, and that was pretty clear ensuring the audience was left with a dynamic performance. The sound, unfortunately, was not well adjusted to the music these guys play, and the bass was way too loud, but certainly didn’t ruin the performance of DARKEST HORIZON to me. Performances like these, make me happy that I get to discover yet another band by going to see the support act.



WHEEL was next to set the stage and perhaps the odd man out. The progressive rock/metal act, that is reminiscent of TOOL, recently released their debut album “Moving Backwards”, and ever since the guys have been discovering every inches of stages around Europe with progressive metal act SOEN. Don’t get me wrong, I love WHEEL. When I say they were the odd man out, I mean that perhaps the WINTERSUN audience is not the right one for WHEEL. However, at least in my opinion, the band managed to deliver a spot-on, once again outstanding show. I caught the guys during their album release show, and they seemed seemingly more nervous back then. This time around, the band played a different set, with both songs from the debut album and EPs.  



Nosturi filled up more and more, until every inch of space was filled up. Those who arrived late, probably missed the chance of finding a good spot to watch the band play. It was clear that there was only one band, that the mass came to see. Heikki Saari, replacing Kai Hahto, was the first one to march the stage on the intro of “Winter Madness”, followed by the rest of the band. That the audience was super excited for this show, was clear from the start, as the front row start headbanging severely, making my job as a photographer challenging, but it’s nice to feel a wall of happy people behind you.


WINTERSUN, however, had more for us in store after they finished playing all the 8 songs that won everyone’s hearts. The band soon continues with the ultimate highlight of the evening “Sons Of Winter And Stars”. Among our group we were wondering if this meant the end of the show, when a gullible fan heard that the show would ultimately last 2 hours. Confused about this information, but wondering what was about to come next, the band continued with “Loneliness (Winter), and a new song, rumor goes around that this song is called “Storm”, but it hasn’t been confirmed or denied, could be it, but for sure it blew me away. The band has played this song before in their sets, but it was the first time I heard it… Call me impressed.



The evening ended with “Time” in a climax. All-in-all it was a fantastic show, with lots of classics, and a good opportunity to hear all the old songs again. Fans both young and old, came together to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of the very first WINTERSUN album, and it seems like those 15 years flew by like nothing, as did the show.


  1. Winter Madness
  2. Beyond the Dark Sun
  3. Sleeping Stars
  4. Battle Against Time
  5. Death and the Healing
  6. Starchild
  7. Beautiful Death
  8. Sadness and Hate
  9. When Time Fades Away
  10. Sons of Winter and Stars
  11. Loneliness (Winter)
  12. (Unknown)
    ("new song", most likely called Storm)


  13. Time