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7.5.2023 Steve Vai @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki

Steve Vai, the celebrated maestro of the guitar, made his presence felt at Helsinki's esteemed Kulttuuritalo on May 7th, 2023. The audience was treated...

GALLERY: 7.5.2023 Steve Vai @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki

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REVIEW: Steve Vai – Vai/Gash

If you don't know the story behind Stever Vai's new album, "Vai/Gash," which is out January 27th via Favored Nations and Mascot Label Group, you should definitely check it out, along with our review of the album, here...

REVIEW: Steve Vai – Inviolate

Steve Vai is back with another album full of sick guitar licks! Check out our review of "Inviolate," out through Favored Nations/Mascot Label Group on the 28th!