Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Dark River Festival 2022: Afterthoughts

It's time for us to wrap up our summer festival season with Dark River Festival. Read our afterthoughts on how this small Kotka-based festival held up against the rest of this year's festivals...

Saarihelvetti 2022: Afterthoughts

We returned once more to Saarihelvetti, which took place from August 5th to 6th at Viikinsaari in Tampere. Read the final festival afterthoughts report to see how the overall festival turned out, as well as how it compared to other festivals this summer...

Rock in the City 2022 (Kerava): Afterthoughts

We've finished writing about the artists, but what did we feel about Rock in the City festival (Kerava edition) as a whole? Check out this Afterthoughts report to see how it held up against other festivals this summer...

Tuska Festival 2022: Afterthoughts

Tuska Festival took place this year on July 1st through 3rd. Read our festival afterthoughts report to see how it held up compared to previous years!