3.5.2020 Cellar Darling: Live Stream @ Soundfarm Studio (Musicalypse Archive)


The coming of May has brought both questionable weather and more fore-promised live streams from many favorite bands, including, most recently CELLAR DARLING, streaming live from Soundfarm Studio on May 3rd, 2020. Having recently toured their latest album, The Spell,” in Helsinki, we were enthusiastic to see them again so soon, if in a bit of a different format.

The stream was set to start at 21:00 Finnish time, though when the hour hit, the video channel was still silent. Before the show started, there was a still shot of the band in the studio, teasing us as to what may be coming. The show was 17 minutes late to get started, but the band were excited to get going immediately once the technical difficulties were sorted out and said only a brief hello before getting straight into “Pain” and “Death.” The stream was divided into four separate cameras, with the top left focused on Anna Murphy, equipped with both the hurdy-gurdy and keyboard, as well has her mics and flutes, of course. The top-right looked toward Ivo Henzi and (presumably) live bassist Nicolas Winter, while the bottom-left had Merlin Sutter‘s front-on drum cam. The final scene came from behind Murphy and showed a view of more or less the whole band from behind Murphy‘s perspective.

The set was more heavily focused on the new album for the first half, playing the first four songs from The Spell in order and then skipping ahead to “Insomnia” and “Freeze.” They then threw back to their 2017 debut, This is the Sound,” for “Black Moon” and “Hullabaloo,” as well as their medley of “Starcrusher” with ELUVEITIE‘s “Fire, Wind & Earth.” They then closed out the set with haunting and epic “Six Days” and the highly-requested “Avalanche,” which had the comments section of the stream going wild. The set was very similar to what they had played during the tour for The Spell,” with “Hullabaloo” as the surprise entry in this set, but a few others were left out as this was only an hour-long show, give or take.

CELLAR DARLING made themselves known to us for putting on a very powerful show last year and this stream was a nice addition to our collection of live experiences with the band. The camera angles were well-thought-out and the sound quality was superb. While we could nitpick that the song selection could have varied more from their most recent shows, it was nevertheless a very fun experience and based off the comments section and our own feelings, the audience was quite pleased with what the band delivered!


1. Pain
2. Death
3. Love
4. The Spell
5. Insomnia
6. Freeze
7. Black Moon
8. Hullabaloo
9. Starcrusher / Fire, Wind & Earth
10. Six Days
11. Avalanche

Written by Bear Wiseman
Musicalypse, 2020
OV: 1744

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