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20.1.2018 Metal Crane Festival @ Nosturi, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

The Tampere-based Nem Agency is on a righteous path. Their artist roster is full of prominent names from Finland as well as abroad, and...

GALLERY: 19.-20.1.2018 Metal Crane Festival @ Nosturi, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

Metal Crane Festival at Nosturi in Helsinki, January 2018. Day 1 Day 2 Photos by Miia CollanderMusicalypse, 2018OV: 2519

The Hypothesis release new single

Finnish melodic death metal band The Hypothesis have released a new single. The single is called "Illusion Now", which presents a heavier version of the...

GALLERY: 4.3.2017 Magenta Harvest, The Hypothesis, & Wolfheart @ Virgin Oil...

WOLFHEART performing at the Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki, March 2017, with MAGENTA HARVEST and THE HYPOTHESIS warming up the stage. Magenta Harvest The Hypothesis Wolfheart Photos...