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GALLERY: 22.2.2020 Moonsorrow @ The Circus, Helsinki

Fifteen years ago, the Finnish folk metal band MOONSORROW released one of their most legendary albums "Verisäkeet." In honor of this release, the band...

GALLERY: 30.7.2019 Demob Happy & Royal Blood @ Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki

Photos by Lassi SaarinenRead the live report here.

GALLERY: 24.1.2019 Oceanhoarse @ Bar Loose, Helsinki

Click here for the live report.

8.6.2018 – Day 3 – Rockfest @ Hyvinkää

After two days of experiencing first hand what the rock and heavy metal community stands about, Hyvinkää wasn’t done yet with celebrating. As mentioned...

7.6.2018 – Day 2 – Rockfest @ Hyvinkää

After surviving the first day of Rockfest with dignity, most of us were ready for the second day, which in my opinion had the...

6.6.2018 – Day 1 – Rockfest @ Hyvinkää

For the second time the organization behind Rockfest managed to get an interesting lineup. The festival that started out last year, now even expended...