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REVIEW: Antipope – Apostle of Infinite Joy

With a name like ANTIPOPE, you'd expect maybe something like BEHEMOTH – blasphemous black-metal ripping holy books to shreds either literally on stage or,...

REVIEW: Septicflesh – Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX

Concerts have been off the table for a couple of months now and ever since, there have been a plethora of other things metal...

Interview with Khroma

KHROMA are about to release their third album in 2020 and have just returned to their homeland of Helsinki, Finland after a long and...

09-10.11.2018 Steelchaos @ Nosturi, Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

So, STEELCHAOS arrived again with all its extreme metal glory, so it was well and proper to check it out once again. It was...

28.10.2018 Mörbid Vomit, HateSphere & Sinsaenum @ On The Rocks, Helsinki

Sinsaenum, a combination of virtuosos together in an extreme metal project. A band where Fredric Leclercq (Dragonforce), Joey Jordison (ex-Slipknot, Vimic), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Sean Zatorsky(Dååth) and others play together a...

REVIEW: Mantar – The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze

When I talked to the German extreme metal duo of Mantar during Tuska Festival, they talked a little bit about their general sound and of course...

GALLERY: 19-20.5.2017 Steelfest @ Villatehdas, Hyvinkää (Musicalypse Archive)

Steelfest black/extreme metal festival at Villatehdas in Hyvinkää, May 2017. Day 1 Day 2 Photos by Marco ManziMusicalypse, 2017OV: 10,462 Recent posts Related posts