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REVIEW: Brother Firetribe – Feel the Burn (Musicalypse Archive)

If you're into Finnish adult-oriented rock, you must certainly know of BROTHER FIRETRIBE, a gem in the AOR scene. Fronted by the charismatic Pekka Heino, their...

REVIEW: Brother Firetribe – Sunbound (Musicalypse Archive)

The '80s have returned! BROTHER FIRETRIBE has paid homage to the music world’s greatest decade with "False Metal" (2006), "Heart Full of Fire" (2008),...

REVIEW: Nightwish – Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Musicalypse Archive)

For nearly as long as I’ve been listening to metal, I’ve loved NIGHTWISH. My first album from them was "Wishmaster," which I bought back...

7.2.2015 Brother Firetribe @ Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

The beginning of a new year means the beginning of a new concert season! Starting the year off at a smaller-scale show, Musicalypse went...

GALLERY: 7.2.2015 Brother Firetribe @ Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki (Musicalypse Archive)

BROTHER FIRETRIBE performing at the Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki, February 2015. Brother Firetribe Photos by Lene L.Musicalypse, 2015OV: 6751 Recent posts Related posts

GALLERY: 15.08.2009 Nightwish @ Olavinlinna, Savonlinna (Musicaylpse Archive)

NIGHTWISH bringing their Dark Passion Play Tour to the Opera Festivals Rocks event at Olavinlinna , Savonlinna 2009. Nightwish Photos by Jana Blomqvist, editing by Bear...