Monday, August 8, 2022
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Interview with Classless Act – “It’s kind of a story about...

If there's one thing our editor enjoys, it's interviewing Classless Act! With their debut album coming out on Friday, we naturally had to chat with vocalist Derek Day once again to see what's been up since their recent tour!

REVIEW: Classless Act – Welcome to the Show

Our editor has been waiting nigh a year for Classless Act to release their debut album, so naturally, she jumped on "Welcome to the Show" the moment it was available. Check out her review here, to see if it lived up to her (very high) expectations...

REVIEW: Shaman’s Harvest – Rebelator

If you read Musicalypse back in 2017, you'd know that we loved Shaman's Harvest's most recent album. These alternative rockers are back with a new release, "Rebelator," out via Mascot Label Group on March 11th. Read our review to see how it holds up!