Tuonela Magazine was founded in February 2017, with the idea to promote both young and established Finnish bands, as well as internationally renowned and promising artists who are involved with the scene worldwide. We mostly focus on metal, rock, independent, and alternative music, but don’t necessarily limit ourselves to one genre. In 2021, Tuonela Magazine merged with Musicalypse to form the biggest and best quality English-speaking music publication in Finland.


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Ville Karttunen


Jana De Boeck, portfolio
Samuel Järvinen, portfolio
Árpi Fejes, porfolio
Licia Mapelli, portfolio
Andrea Crow, portfolio
Jani Lehtinen, portfolio
Simo Kuusterä, portfolio
Kalle Uotila, portfolio
Peter Jerman, portfolio
Essi Nummi, portfolio
Vincent Parkkonen, portfolio
Sarah de Wolf, portfolio
Hector Sanchez


Lassi Saarinen, portfolio
Juho Jokimies, portfolio
Marco Manzi, portfolio
Janne “Jamo” Puronen, portfolio
Maria Sawicka, portfolio
Miia Collander, portfolio
Sami Hinkkanen, portfolio
Oskari Mäkisarka
Jana Blomqvist
Alexandra Aim


Lene L.
David Araneda, portfolio
Ralka Skjerseth
Anna-Lena Horn


We are always looking for more volunteers to create content! We are mostly looking for writers. Album reviewers can be based anywhere. We prefer our reporters and photographers to be based in Finland. Get in touch if you are interested.