FEATURED SINGLE: Crow’s Flight – Read Between The Lines

Welcome back to our featured single thread. Now that summer is over, singles are thrown around the globe as if it’s no big deal. In our “Featured Single”, we highlight the coolest singles of the local scene of Finland that have reached us to support our complimentary Spotify playlist.


Now, one of the bands that have recently released a new single is Crow’s Flight with “Read Between The Lines”. Crow’s Flight was founded in the early spring of 2008. The band first started off as an international project, but after some lineup changes became a solid Finnish heavy metal band. Crow’s Flight released their debut album “The Calm Before” in 2011 and are now ready to present us with their sophomore with their first single “Read Between The Lines”.

After a catchy melodic intro, the song kicks in with energetic and heavy vocals. The vocals grab your attention immediately. As the song continues with we are exposed to a lot of catchiness, enchanting melodies, powerful riffs, and a refreshing solo. All-in-all the song is filled with hooks is easy to the ear and will please many melodic metal fans. If this is the harbinger of what the second album is going to sound like, I am looking forward to that record.

Watch the lyric video here.




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