MaidenFest at The Circus

Friday 21 September MaidenFest will take place at The Circus in Helsinki. The event represents Iron Maiden as interpreted by various singers and has been organized since 2011. The Coverslaves have been playing for over 10 years.

This time the theme is: SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON.

The event includes the following singers:

KIMMO BLOM (Heavy Christmas, Queen Musical, The Voice of Finland)
MARCUS LÅNG (Excalion, Force Majeure)
SARA STRÖMMER (Fear Of Domination)
JARNO VITRI (Mad Hatter’s Den)

Band: The Coverslaves Plays Iron Maiden
Guitar: Jaakko Hänninen (Mad Hatter’s Den)
Guitar: Tom Gardiner
Low: Harri Hautsalo
Drums: Tapio Korkeila
Keyboards: Axel Kaasalainen (Dreamtale)


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