Vile Caliber releases new single “Willpower”

Helsinki-based hard rockers Vile Caliber release their new single  and music video “Willpower” through Inverse Records. The new single is the first since their debut album “Tomorrow’s For Those Who Dare” and leans more towards heavy metal. Watch the music video here:

Vile Caliber‘s drummer Vesa commented on the new single: “In terms of production and songwriting We have kicked it up a few notches and multiplied everything by a thousandfold. Roaring guitars with fast shredding, thunderous rhythm sections driving forward like a steamroller, with energetic and intense vocals as the icing on top of this heavy metal cake. Enjoy!”

We recently did an interview with Arti and Vesa from Vile Caliber about the new single, read the interview here.

Listen to “Willpower”:


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