REVIEW: Korpiklaani – Live at Masters of Rock

“We are Korpiklaani from Finland, and we are here to party with you!” shouts an enthusiastic Jonne Järvelä through the microphone of Masters of Rock. After having nine full-length albums on their plate, the Finnish band released their debut DVD and live album. The release contains live footage of two different concerts at Masters of Rock in Czech Republic. The first disk brings us back to 2016, where the focus mostly lies on their latest release Noita (2015), while the second one takes us to 2014. During this gig they performed mostly songs from Manala (2012). However, both gigs have a good mix of both old and classic Korpiklaani songs.

Korpiklaani - Live at Masters Of Rock - Artwork.jpg

Finland’s folk metal pride Korpiklaani is probably known as one of the most energetic bands to see live. This is something you also feel in the mix of the Live at Masters of Rock. The production and mixing into the recordings are really inviting you to be part of the show, which is a result of an excellent collaboration between Svante Forsbäck and lead singer Jonne Järvelä.

So if you would like to get to known the band better, or you’re already quite the fan, this is a really good way to get introduced to what Korpiklaani actually represents as a band. Both sets are fantastic and will definitely offer you that great night of headbanging and just crazily dance along to the music.

1. Intro (Tanhuvaara) 2:23
2. Tuonelan tuvilla 3:31
3. Ruumiinmultaa 3:34
4. Metsaemies 2:57
5. Kantaiso 3:59
6. Juodaan viinaa 3:04
7. Petoelaeimen kuola 3:22
8. Sumussa haemaeraen aamun 6:31
9. Vaarinpolkka 2:22
10. Kultanainen 5:42
11. Uniaika 4:31
12. Louhen yhdeksaes poika 3:33
13. Kipumylly v 2 4:40
13. Uni 3:33
14. Vodka 2:43
15. Ievan polkka 3:20
16. Rauta 3:46
17. Wooden pints 3:34
18. Pellonpekko 4:02
19. Happy little boozer 5:34
20. Intro (Tanhuvaara) 1:29
21. A man with a plan 3:03
22. Journey man 2:23
23. Pilli on pajusta tehty 2:44
24. Eraemaan aaerjyt 3:03
25. Lempo 5:39
26. Sahti 3:33
27. Ruumiinmultaa 3:47
28. Vaarinpolkka 2:28
29. Viima 3:31
30. Metsaemies 2:55
31. Kultanainen 5:53
33. Aemmaenhauta 5:10
34. Rauta 3:40
35. Kylaestae kevaeinen kehto 4:56
36. Wooden pints 3:41
37. Vodka 2:55
38. Beer beer 6:37




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