8-1-2017 Sabaton

Happy New Year! One of my annual resolutions is always to make the best out of the year and the year kicked off pretty well. I’m in Belgium for my holidays and thus was able to catch Sabaton playing at Lotto Arena, Belgium at 8 January 2017, together with Twilight Force and Accept. Because of a neck injury, I was not able to take any photos of the event, however I could not resist to write a review.

Swedish Twilight Force kicked off the night and with their epic power metal they seemed to please their fans a lot. Twilight Force also comes from Falun in Sweden, where Sabaton also was founded. Things like that make you wonder what kind of magic forces a town like Falun has, to offer us so many amazing metal bands! Twilight Force provided the necessary positive atmosphere to begin the night with. I’m sure we will hear a lot more from these guys in the future.

After Twilight Force it was time for the legendary German heavy metal band Accept. Truth be told, I have never been to an Accept concert and it seemed like the audience was not straight away in the mood for the gig during the opener Stampede, however in my opinion it was a very strong opening song for a great show. The band is especially very strong because of the guitar solos of Wolf Hoffmann, who is truly mesmerizing at times. The highlight of the evening was perhaps Princess of the Dawn, a song that of course everyone knows. The show ended with their hit Balls to the Wall, which set us all in the mood for Sabaton.


  1. Stampede
  2. Stalingrad
  3. Restless and Wild
  4. London Leatherboys
  5. Final Journey
  6. Princess of the Dawn
  7. Fast as a Shark
  8. Metal Heart
  9. Teutonic Terror
  10. Balls to the Wall

Accept definitely warmed us up enough for what was about to come. Sabaton opened the show with a intro song of their version of Status Quo’s legendary In The Army Now. If this was a tribute to Rick Parfitt, who recently passed away, it was a very beautiful one. Everyone was singing a long. And soon drummer Hannes Van Dahl took place behind his drum. The real opener of the night was Ghost Division and the evening kicked off with a blast.

The new songs seem to work very well live, a pleasant surprise for me was Sparta. Even though at times I was secretly hoping their old guitarist Thobbe was one of the Spartans, however that was not the case. Although the lineup change Tommy Johansson seems to fit perfectly in Thobbe’s shoes and plays very well!

After some really big hits, we could catch breathe on an acoustic version of The Final Solution, which was a very heartwarming moment. Fun and jokes aside, the song Resist and Bite, being part of Belgian military history, really took care of the perfect atmosphere in the crowd. The set didn’t end this time with Primo Victoria, although Primo Victoria was followed by a lot of fireworks and smoke. After that they played Shiroyama and To Hell And Back and the audience was even singing on their way to their cars or public transportation. All in all, it was a very amazing start of 2017 and I hope to catch these guys again when I return to Helsinki, Finland. Hopefully this time with a camera.


  1. Ghost Division
  2. Sparta
  3. Blood of Bannockburn
  4. Swedish Pagans
  5. Carolus Rex
  6. The Last Stand
  7. Far from the Fame
  8. Winged Hussars
  9. The Final Solution
  10. Night Witches
  11. Resist and Bite
  12. The Lion From the North
  13. The Lost Battalion
  14. Union (Slopes of St. Benedict)
  15. Primo Victoria
  16. Shiroyama
  17. To Hell and Back



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