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GALLERY: 31.1.2020 Waterlake Metal Mayhem @ Sibeliustalo, Lahti

On 31 January 2020, Sibeliustalo hosted a couple of Finland’s most popular metal acts to adorn the stage in Lahti during Waterlake Mayhem, promising a truly special night in Lahti. Not just because of all the great music but also because of where it was performed – the Sibelius Hall. This phenomenal concert hall has been recognized all around the world (e.g. The Guardian praised the venue and named it one of the ten best concert halls in the world). Usually, Sibelius Hall is filled with classical music and people dressed in their most classy outfits. But last Friday everything was different. People let their long black hair down and were dressed in band hoodies and t-shirts while moshing and banging their fists in the air to the tunes of hard rock and melodic metal. The line up for the night was excellent, first TEMPLE BALLS and ARION conquered the stage in the Forest Hall, followed by Marko Hietala’s new solo act and SONATA ARCTICA in the main hall. Don’t forget to check out our live report here.

Temple Balls


Marko Hietala

Sonata Arctica

Photos by Juho Jokimies

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