Mon. Mar 1st, 2021

Finnish keyboardist to collaborate with Dream Theater vocalist

Christian ”Chrism” Pulkkinen (SIMULACRUM / TRUE CULT CLUB) has been chosen as the keyboard player for the upcoming James LaBrie solo album. The core idea of the album lies deep in the acoustic soundscapes of LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE, PINK FLOYD, and RUSH, but this won’t be an album of ballads, as the sound is turning out to be quite bombastic. The core of each song is centered around the acoustic guitar with the arrangements built around it. Labrie has entrusted Chrism with a great deal of freedom to do the keyboard arrangements as he wishes. “This is a great honor and responsibility,” Chrism says.

The album’s full line-up is James LaBrie (vocals), Paul Logue (bass & guitar), Chrism (keyboards & orchestrations), Chance LaBrie (drums & percussion) and Marco Sfogli (guitar). At this point, the album is in it’s recording phase and the band members are swapping ideas in a very modern fashion: over the internet.

Watch Chrism’s video announcement:

Check out Chrism‘s other recent work from these two fresh singles:

SIMULACRUM“Nothing Remains”


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