Tue. Jan 26th, 2021


So you are interested in our services, but some things aren’t clear yet to you? Here are some frequently asked questions that may soothe your hunger for an answer.

Who are you?

Laureline Tilkin is the mastermind behind Tuonela Magazine. Currently, she has a small team of contributors and is always looking for more, so that Tuonela Magazine can keep expanding!

Can we join your team?

Yes, you can! We are mostly interested in working with people who are currently residing in Finland, and/or have a passion for Finnish metal music. We are mostly looking for album reviewers, photographers outside of Helsinki, and reporters for shows. Unfortunately, at the moment this is an unpaid position. But this line of work has plenty of benefits to it, so apart from full dedication, we only work with the best of the best. Drop us a message if you would like to be a part of this.

What is the best method of contacting Tuonela Magazine?

The best way to reaching out to us is by email. We are present on most social media, where you can reach out to us as well. Our inbox is flooded by many promoters, bands, press releases on a daily basis. It might take several days to get back to you, but don’t worry! We will reply.

Can Tuonela Magazine write a review of our band?

Yes, we can! We would like our news, reviews and live reports to be relevant and up-to-date, that’s why unfortunately we don’t take any promos older than one year. We accept singles, EPs and albums.

We focus preliminarily on the Finnish music scene, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t drop us a message!

Is it okay to send you a digital version or would you like to have a physical copy? 

If we have the option, we prefer something to grasp on, rather than a digital version. Our address is not published anywhere, but drop us a message and we will provide you with the necessary information on where to send your promo.

Someone else provided me your address, can I send you a promo? 

Working in this business, it’s pretty normal to once in a while receive promo packages from unknown senders. However, please be respectful of privacy. It is definitely okay to send us a promo package, even if you got our address from a third party. In this case, please include a note of who you are, who you are working for and who we contact when the reviews are online. Always make sure that there is information about bands. In the future, not all promos who come from unknown senders will get reviewed. So bottom line, always include a note or a letter with some information about yourself.

What should we include in our promo package?

In your promo package and press kit, other than the album, single or EP, please include:

  • Biography
  • Lineup
  • Contact information
  • Promo photos
  • YouTube videos
  • Links to your social media accounts

What kinds of services does Tuonela Magazine offer?

Tuonela Magazine isn’t just about writing reviews, interviews, news, and live support. We are glad to help everyone and therefore offer plenty of other services. This is what we currently offer, feel free to drop a message about our pricing policies:

  • Promotional photography;
  • Live photography;
  • Music video;
  • Live video;
  • Graphic design;
  • Advice on how to improve your live shows;
  • Advice on how to improve interviewing skills;
  • Artist/Band promotion package;
  • Help with assembling a press kit;
  • Artist/Band short video documentary portraits;
  • Documentaries (photo/video)
  • Tour photography

If you are interested in any marketing and PR services for your band, contact us!

Can Tuonela Magazine review our show? 

Sure thing! We love going to concerts and exploring new bands. Currently, we only do Helsinki region shows. In the future, we might expand our services.

Can we do an interview? 

Sure thing! We love doing interviews. What makes us different with our interviews, is that we like taking the time. We don’t rush things into a twenty-minute interview. This way, we get all the answers that your fans and possible new fans need to understand who you are. We do all kinds of interviews: phone interviews, email interviews, face-to-face, video interviews. If we do a video interview, there will be a 15-minute video on our YouTube channel, containing the highlights of the interview, the full text will appear on our website.