Fri. Feb 22nd, 2019


Tuonela Magazine was founded in February 2017, with the idea to promote both young and established Finnish bands and other artists who have something to do with the scene worldwide. We mostly focus on metal, rock, independent and alternative music.

Originally Tuonela Magazine was the product of two music journalists, who wanted to try and start their own webzine. After a while, the duo separated their ways, so founder Laureline Tilkin decided to go forward and drive Tuonela Magazine further to the next level.

Laureline Tilkin is a professional photographer and artist, who has recently finished her Master Degree in Visual Culture & Contemporary Art at Aalto University. Aside from another degree in Photography, she also has a minor in Corporate Communications. She now now founded her own startup Cerulean Midnight, a marketing and PR agency for artists. Moreover, Laureline Tilkin is a multi-instrumentalist, who has deep insight into music. Having been part of the Helsinki metal scene for a while now, she has knowledge of what is happening around and moreover, she tries to support local bands as much as possible.

Laureline Tilkin is actively trying to find new ways to do music journalism. At Tuonela Magazine we work with constructive criticism. Meaning that most of our reviews will be positive, but will highlight some areas your band might want to work on for the next release. We see it as our goal to further improve the music of many bands, no matter how big or how small.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, drop us an email!